Cedar Oxygen: Business Networking Event to Promote the “MADE IN LEBANON” for the first time at Expo 2020

Cedar Oxygen organized, in collaboration with the Association of the Lebanese Industrialists, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, and Antwork a business networking event to promote the “MADE IN LEBANON” products of selective industrialists in the Lebanon Pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai.

16 February, 2022

In support of the “Made in Lebanon”, Cedar Oxygen Fund organized the largest interactive business networking event in the Lebanon pavilion at the Expo 2020 in Dubai. The objective of this business networking event was to promote selected Lebanese industrialist products in the agri-food industry and their “savoir faire” on the global stage to enhance trade with relevant stakeholders.
This initiative aims to support the value-creator industry and highlight the comparative advantage that the Lebanese industry has recently embraced, raising their competitiveness on the global stage.

During the event, executives from the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Serbia, Bosnia, Malta, Russia and Albania attended the meeting together with 15 Lebanese industrialists and Alexandre Mouradian, Vice Governor of the Central Bank of Lebanon.

Cedar Oxygen Fund‘s Managing Director, Anthony Jabbour together with Carol Milan (representing the Association of Lebanese Industrialists) stressed the potential opportunities while the economic attaché at the Lebanese Embassy, Jean-Claude Khoury confirmed the efforts of the Lebanese Foreign Ministry and its mission to attract investments to Lebanon, in particular modern industries based on technology.

“The exchange of trade between Lebanon and the UAE is one billion dollars. The UAE seeks to enhance ties with Lebanon knowing that the UAE is a strategic market for Lebanese exports. He continued by reaffirming the Lebanese Foreign Ministry’s efforts and its mission to attract investments to Lebanon, especially the high value sectors that are based on modern technology” said Jean-Claude el Khoury, the Lebanese Economic Attaché at the Lebanese Embassy to the U.A.E.

During his welcome note, Anthony Jabbour, Managing Director Lebanon of Cedar Oxygen said, “This initiative organized by Cedar Oxygen aims to boost the capacity of selected Lebanese industrialists to augment their international trade capabilities, enhance productivity and improve competitiveness. We consider this event as the 1st in a series of events, as part of a broader initiative to support the Lebanese industrialists. We encourage the community of potential stakeholders to seize the opportunity to tap into the increasingly competitive and high value added industrial landscape of the “Made in Lebanon” product offering.”

Carol Milan, on behalf of the Association of the Lebanese Industrialists and the President of the Association, Dr. Fadi Gemayel, thanked Cedar Oxygen for this initiative, and said: “It is a promising initiative that gives hope to the industrialist sector and I encourage the industrialists who seek to increase their production and export to both new and existing markets to continuously reinvent themselves to enhance the quality of the Lebanese brand which will naturally attract higher demand.”

The industrialists also presented their most prominent food, industrial products, and packing projects, and each of them discussed the investment opportunities available in their brands and explained the investment rewards, incentives, and financing support provided by the Cedar Oxygen Fund to launch modern and new industries.

Cedar Oxygen presented the mechanisms for obtaining financial support and financing industrial projects to develop the sector, meeting the needs of the Lebanese community, providing a high-level product and manufacturing, which was the subject of interest and appreciation by Businessmen from Arab and foreign countries.

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