Addressing the urgent need for trade finance solutions for Lebanese manufacturers

Simple and transparent access to currency and credit facilities

Cedar Oxygen provides short-term facilities to both importers and exporters, offering a range of trade finance solutions from the beginning to the end of their supply chains.
Import finance
Finance the procurement of raw materials.
Export finance
Finance the production of exports against assignment of export proceeds.
Receivables finance
Finance the receivables in USD / EUR related to sales of finished products outside or in Lebanon respectively with or without recourse to the borrower.
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Promoting “Made in Lebanon”

Cedar Oxygen will act as a catalyst in promoting the Lebanese industrial sector globally and in creating new export development opportunities in collaboration with the Association of Industrialists and other stakeholders.

Create a strong network for the manufacturers to help them target new markets for exports.
Develop industries’ best practices with manufacturers.
Collaborative approach with all stakeholders.
Mobilize our international foot-print and reach to access new market opportunities.
Get involved in investing and supporting Lebanese manufacturers