Cedar Oxygen's Essence

Our raison d'être is supporting the economic recovery of Lebanon through its industrial sector

Our Story

Cedar Oxygen was established early 2020 as a private and independent initiative to address the pressing social and economic difficulties of the Lebanese manufacturers.

After a consultation, internal deliberations and a discussion of available options, the Central Bank of Lebanon (BDL) approached Cedar Oxygen and provided a $175m anchor investment in order to directly support the country’s importers and exporters and encourage outside investors. 

The daily hurdles that Lebanese manufacturers are facing are related to the Lebanese Pound depreciation, severely limited access to hard currencies and international payment facilities, and the resultant price increases. These factors have created an urgent need for a new approach and for fresh access to alternative capital from outside Lebanon.

The support of the industrial sector to be provided by Cedar Oxygen , in collaboration with the Association of Lebanese Industrialists, is designed to help reinvigorate the economy and ultimately help attract outside capital to invest in Lebanon, paving the road to a stronger and more sustainable Lebanese economy.


Our Mission

To contribute to a meaningful and sustained restoration of the productive economy in Lebanon. This means paying attention to more than just near-term gains; it means structuring “fresh funds” that will fuel the private sector and positively impact the nation. Our goal is to spark an increase in productivity, expand employment, and improve purchasing power across Lebanon.

Our Values

Creating an impact on society and the economy

Together with our partners, we are fully committed to the recovery of the nation’s economy and for a brighter future for Lebanon.

Committed to Lebanon
In partnership with the Association of Lebanese Industrialists and a network of key stakeholders, we are focused on the development and promotion of “Made in Lebanon”.
Act with integrity
Our corporate governance procedures and strict compliance regime maintain international best practices and are focused on the principles of transparency, responsibility and accountability.
ESG at the core of our engagement
We are committed to environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and effective corporate governance in all aspects of our business.
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